Go Adventures

GO ADVENTURES means the Great Commission we have all received. Being witnesses in our local communities and going into the whole World.

Adventure - means "an unusual, exciting or dangerous journey"! Like the Apostles in the book of Acts, no one's journey is the same!


Go, because Jesus has send us into all the world. Go, because we have a mission to accomplish. Go, we have something to share with the whole world and that is the Good NEWS of the Gospel.

TEACH EVERYTHING Teach Everything Ministry

Teach Everything is our Parent Ministry and Go Adventures our outreach projects.



Agriculture Project

Wow! We did not know we will be doing this! Hard work and learning as we go. There is a lot of opportunity to grow in character and also to learn like David did tending the sheep, like Moses did looking after the flocks and like Joseph did administrating the work. Vegetable Gardening takes a lot of faith and many challenge seemed like great mountains but when we needed wisdom God supplied that and when we needed faith, God supplied that. We have to see what God is going to do with this training. There is nothing so humbling as working in the dirt! Try it, it is good for the soul and the soil.

Photo demonstrations: EM - Effective Microorganisms; Multiplying EM; Making EM Bokhasi; Using EM Bokhasi in making Compost; Vermiculture and making your own system; Worm Tea (adding organisms to your garden); Fertilizers you from your kitchen;

Improvement to soil; Building things;

Updated August 2018